Come Say Hello

Intensify your boating experience and explore any river nature can throw at you. Write your own daring adventures or simply enjoy a day with the family. Our jet boats are custom designed, manufactured and tested in-house to guarantee each jet boat runs seamlessly and has perfect finishes, striking exteriors and world-class performance before before it hits the water


The Dream Team

We have a dedicated team of individuals whose passion is crafting extraordinary aluminium jet boats that give you the freedom to explore, play and adventure on any river in the world. Don't just take our word for it; discover it for yourself! Come say hello to the experts that will work with you to build your dream boat and take a tour of our manufacturing facility.

Mike "Bratt" Sinclair - Began working in the jet boat manufacturing industry in the late '80s and enjoyed the boat racing scene himself with numerous podium finishes. Mike has built hundreds of jet boats over the years and continues to have a passion for crafting premium aluminium jet boats from family-friendly boats to speed demon racing boats.

Kevin Kipling - Started working on jets boats in the '90s and is continuously involved with all stages of crafting jet boats from concept to finish. Kevin has extensive knowledge of repairing damaged hulls to complete overhauls. 

Mike Parish - A master welder of aluminium jet boats who takes great pride in crafting quality jet boats that glide effortlessly through the water

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